With aging, comes the natural diminishing of our body’s hormones; specifically, the sex hormones estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. As a result, symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, forgetfulness, anxiety, sleep disruption, low libido, moodiness, weight gain, and mushy muscles and muffin tops are the consequences of these diminishing hormones. When intolerable, these symptoms herald the need for “replacement” hormones, or bio identical hormones, to return the body back to its beautiful, optimal balance. Maintaining this balance is the goal of any type of hormone replacement therapy.

To return to your balanced state, our office uses naturally plant-derived bio-identical compounded hormones. While we specialize in the carefree pellet method, we can have the bio-identical hormones compounded by for you in our pharmacy, in the method that is right for you. We have become experts in pellets, as they are seamlessly placed under the skin, last 4 months, and requires a smaller amount of hormones than pills, patches, and creams. The results are predictable, safe, and very convenient! 


Bio identical hormones are plant-derived hormones prepared from precursors found in wild yam. They are compounded by specially trained pharmacists, in a sterile environment (compounding pharmacy) to be identical to the hormones produced by the human body. Because the bio-identical hormones possess the exact chemical structure as hormones produced by the sex organs in our bodies, the body reads them as familiar, and they are safe and readily received. 

Synthetic hormones are “artificial” and not found in nature. They are chemically altered substances and are NOT identical in structure or activity to natural human hormones. Because these hormones ARE altered, these alterations represent differences which may be responsible for many of the undesired and often dangerous side effects published.

Choosing bio-identical hormones ensures optimal balancing and replenishes the sexual endocrine organs. The goal of bio-identical hormone therapy is to bring the body back to balance, replacing the hormones that are declining, and to return the body to its optimal healthy prime! Feel fabulous for the rest of your life! 

The benefits of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement are:

  • They are identical in structure to hormones the human body produces
  • They provide protective benefits that were originally provided by the body’s naturally occurring hormones
  • They have far fewer unwanted side-effects than synthetic hormones
  • They result in heightened and increased libido
  • They help in the prevention of osteoporosis and restoration of bone strength
  • They protect against heart disease and strokes
  • They reduce hot flashes and increase vaginal lubrication
  • Their usage aids in lowering cholesterol levels
  • They lift your mood, decrease depression, and chase those clouds away
  • They enhance sound and restful sleep
  • Concentration, and memory are improved
  •  They assist in weight loss and the return of those curves…. Get your body back
  • Your overall quality of life is restored and enhanced
  • Dosage is adjustable and individualized for each patient’s as her needs and goals change.
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How It Works..

Bio Identical Hormones Replacement is a quick, easy in-office procedure. Provide your lab work at the time of your initial visit to maximize your efforts.  Contact our office in Los Angeles for your appointment today.

During your 1st appointment at our tranquil office, Dr. Jackson will assess and discuss your concerns and  review your specific hormone results. Some of the labs used to analyze hormone levels are often not typically checked in female blood panels, by other physicians. If you would rather use your own lab, prior to your visit, please download our specific lab form here.

Dr. Jackson will then review the results of the blood tests, taking into consideration your symptoms and your desires as she determine the correct dosage of each hormone needed (estrogen and testosterone). 

To insert the soft hormone pellets, Dr. Jackson will numb a small area on your upper buttock (along your thong line.) Once, numb, a tiny incision is made to insert the soft pellet subcutaneously, under the skin. The area is closed, covered with a band-aid and you are on your way to feeling  fabulous!!!!

The pellets naturally dissolve as they deliver the correct hormones over a four-month period. No peaks and drops.  In four months you will return to our office for a re-boost. The same incision site is used each time and when healed, looks like a small scratch. Periodically we will complete new bloodwork to ensure your levels are optimal. 

Depending on your blood results, you may be prescribed natural thyroid and adrenal supplements.  

Progesterone is given to you if you have a uterus. 

Male Bio-Indentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy For Men is a proven treatment that corrects male hormone imbalances that occur naturally due to aging. The results are achieved with ABSOLUTELY no synthetic chemicals. The body is given exactly what it is no longer producing. Our completely safe, natural testosterone is slipped painlessly under the skin in the hip area, in the form of a small pellet, and lasts up to 6 months. It is completely natural and hassle-free, there is no need for applications of patches or creams. No one knows it is there except you! 

Men who are properly balanced experience: 

  • Increased sexual drive and desire
  • Enhanced performance and stamina
  • Stronger and longer erections
  • Greater capacity to get in shape and build muscle mass
  • Increased energy, focus and mental clarity

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