1. Why hasn’t my doctor told me about this? 

 The curriculum in medical school traditionally has been limited to western medicine with the focus on treating disease. Regenerative or integrative medicine focuses on supporting the body’s natural healing ability using natural or bioidentical supplements in an effort to prevent disease BEFORE rather than treat disease AFTER it has affected the body. Natural or Bioidentical supplements are used rather than artificial pharmaceutical medications for this purpose. This is a new topic for doctors and many do not even know it exists, because they did not learn it in medical school.   

2. Will bioidentical hormone balancing with estrogen cause breast cancer?   

The scary reports you hear are related to SYNTHETIC, ARTIFICIALLY produced hormones which suppress symptoms and do not replenish the deficient endocrine organs. Bioidentical estrogen supplements DO NOT CAUSE BREAST CANCER but they also do not PREVENT BREAST CANCER. When we balance our patients, we minimize the estrogen dosing to respect the health and vitality of the breasts. Many patients choose to receive testosterone pellets and self administer bioIdentical estrogen via a pill, patch, or cream.   It is still important to continue your scheduled mammograms, physician exams, and to continue to perform your monthly breast self-examinations.  

3.  If I have a family history of breast cancer, can I receive bioidentical estrogen supplements? 

This is THE METHOD of supplementation you should seek to help you manage the hot flashes, night sweats, and other menopausal symptoms of estrogen deficiency. Since we treat each patient individually, we consider your family history as we balance you.

4. What can be done for me if I have had breast cancer or just don’t want to take estrogen? 

We have patients who cannot or choose to not take estrogen for many reasons.  These patients can safely receive testosterone pellets, which really alleviate most symptoms. Estrogen if or when desired can be administered in a more controlled bioidentical form like a patch, cream, vaginal ring or pill. 

5. Testosterone is a man’s hormone. Will I look like or sound like a man if I take testosterone?     

Testosterone is primarily a male hormone yet ladies do need ONE TENTH of what a man          requires to feel optimal. This one tenth is the SECRET SAUCE that you have been missing. With this small dose you will receive all the magic (link to Bioidentical hormone balancing for women) without the masculine appearance.

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